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Toothpicks and bamboo sticks


Round bold skewer Ø0.25 cm x 25 cm

25 cm / thickness Ø 2.5 mm | Pack 100 units

1,10 €

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Round wooden sticks and bamboo skewers

If you need an accessory to eliminate acquaintances Paluegos After eating, the Tooth sticks They are an essential tool that cannot be missing in your home. In oh yeah! By Partylosophy we present a variety of Tooth sticks so you can choose the ones that best adapt to your needs.

The Tooth sticks They are a very useful tool to eliminate food remains that are trapped between the teeth after eating. There are different types of toothpicks, including round wooden sticks, and flat sticks. Each of these types of sticks has its own characteristics and benefits.

The round wooden sticks They are a classic and economical option that can be found in any edible store or home supplies store. These sticks are ideal to eliminate the food remains from the teeth, since their round shape allows easy access to the spaces between the teeth.

If you prefer a flatter option, the flat sticks They are an excellent option. These sticks have a flat and wide shape that makes them ideal for cleaning the posterior teeth and the largest spaces between the teeth. Flat sticks are especially useful for people who have problems with round wooden sticks due to skill or mobility problems.

On the other hand, the bamboo sticks They are an ecological and sustainable alternative when using foods that require this type of utensil. These sticks are biodegradable and can be discarded without causing damage to the environment. It is a kitchen tool that is used to prick and roast food. These sticks are very popular in Asian cuisine, and are an ecological and sustainable option compared to other skewer materials. The Bamboo skewers They are an excellent perfect option for roasting meat, vegetables and other foods on the grill. In addition, being made of bamboo, they are a sustainable and respectful option with the environment.

In conclusion, if you are looking for an accessory to clean your teeth or to prepare food, Tooth sticks and the Bamboo skewers They are an excellent option. Whether you prefer round wooden sticks, bamboo sticks, flat sticks or bamboo skewers, there is a type of stick that adapts to your needs and preferences.